Friday, June 19, 2009

Entering the Blog World...

First there was Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, now a Blog....Well it's worth a shot!

Well, I would like to start off on why I would like to get involved in the "Blog World".
Each day we can all get caught up in the mundane and forget to connect with one another. I decided by doing this blog on our life, will allow me to stay connected with family that I can't see everyday, re-connect with friends that I have been out of touch with, & meet some new friends along the way!

I also, wanted to do it for a means of self-therapy. There's something about just getting it out in black and white. I also, have been told by a few friends here and there that I should find a way to share some of my favorite things, ideas, or hidden treasures. So, I am writing this blog for many reasons, and I just hope that you will find it heartwarming, funny, a bit chaotic, and a little resourceful at times too. I look forward to sharing moments of our lives, savvy savings, & a little momspective!


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