Monday, June 29, 2009


First thing this morning my little one was already running & jumping around the house making monster noises...Good Morning Mama! Where do they get the ENERGY??? My Lil' Diva was already watching her pre-recorded teeny bopper shows. My hubby was headed out the door for another long day at work with his Monster Energy drink in hand.

Me....I am stumbling out of bed from a late night of blogging & enjoying a peaceful quiet night...and here I am again! ; )

Maybe, I should be working on the pile of laundry taunting me on the sofa, or pay the bills so I can have electric and water, or be running my 2 year old to the bathroom again to see if he has to go potty, or clean the mess from breakfast, or stop the arguing between a 9 year old and a 2 year old.

How bout' lets start with a shower, so I can go over in my head the list of things TO DO today....
Laundry, Bills, Breakfast Mess, Get the Rug Rats Showered & Dressed, Get Diaper Bag Loaded, Feed Dogs, Head Out In The Heat For a Fun Day of Errands With 2 Kids In Tow....

It' Just Another MANIC MOMDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber said...

Oh my gosh, your life seriously sounds JUST like mine! Almost to a T!!

Maddison is almost 8, Saylor is 2.
Saylor woke up at 7:30 wanting to watch Barney. Maddie came straight in to watch her shows.

I JUST started on my mound of laundry, but walked past my mound of bills to pay, sighed, and rolled my eyes.

I stayed up too late, and got up too early.

I have errands to run, but kitties to feed.


For reals, we're manic mama twins separated by cyber space!

klawellin said...

LOL!!! That is to funny...So, I have a Twin. ; ) Just another day in the Life of a Domestic Diva! I Love It...
Have a Great Day Amber!