Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Deed Friday...

A good deed is defined as an act or performance done out of kindness, generosity or friendliness.

Each week I have posted a Good Deed Friday. I know most of them have consisted of some sort of donation. This week I wanted to post a list of Good Deeds, that can be just random acts of kindness that don't cost a dime...but just as well touch some ones heart!

Who act of kindness can spread like wild fire. When you help someone, it can become contagious and what's wrong with knowing and feeling you had helped someone without expecting anything in return. Can you imagine a world where we all helped one another??? It all starts with just one Good Deed!

~Raking a neighbors leaves or even pulling their weeds
~Baking cookies to welcome a new neighbor or a pick me up for a friend that is feeling down
~Let someone go ahead of you in line, on the road, or even have that parking space
~SMILE & say HELLO to a Stranger
~Offer to watch your friends kiddies so they can have a Date Night
~DONATE clothing & necessities to a local shelter
~Offer to help someone with their groceries
~Visit a local nursing home

I know that these are just a few good deeds and may even sound a bit juvenile...but it is really just about getting back to the basics and HELPING one another.

I hope you will join me in participating in at least one Good Deed a day! Let's help spread some random acts of kindness! ; )

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